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Honoring k-9 Officer Klink

The Richwood Police Department honored K9 Klink with his partner Officer Eric Nicholson by his side on May 6th, 2019.  The special care offered by K9s 4 America and MWDK9 provided Officer Nicholson and his family extended time with Klink. The care provide by MWDK9 will hope to one day provide a standard and foundation for care for K9 across the United States.

K9s 4 American is a non-profit company that helps provide service dogs to veterans and law enforcement.

Our Mission

We enhance the safety and improve the health of American communities by providing highly trained canines to law enforcement, veterans and schools. Specifically, K9s 4 America will:

  • Enhance the safety of our communities by providing MWD K9s that are highly trained for protection and detection to law enforcement agencies and first responders.
  • Provide renewed independence and enhanced quality of life for American veterans through the donation of specially trained MWD K9 service dogs.
  • Secure the safety of our communities by introducing specifically trained MWD K9s for the protection of children, teachers and other employees in our schools.

K9s 4 America has a deep passion and strong commitment for fundraising to support the donation of specially trained dogs to help law enforcement agencies, American veterans and schools in our communities. We want to ensure the vitality of K9 programs in local law enforcement agencies to help reduce the use of illegal drugs and other crimes in our communities.

K9s 4 America is dedicated to improving the health of American veterans who have served our country. Our donation of trained companion dogs will provide renewed independence and enhanced quality of life for veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). By helping veterans heal, we can improve their mental health and reduce the rate of suicide among this honorable population.

As America experiences a drastic increase in gun violence in our schools, K9s 4 America is uniquely positioned to be a pioneer for the use of specially trained canines to help detect illegal drugs, weapons and explosives in our schools. Through our donations we hope to expand the use of canines to protect our children and enhance the overall safety of American schools.

The owners of MWDK9, a privately held company that offers state-of-the-art canine services to law enforcement and the private sector, founded K9s 4 America, a not for-profit organization, in 2018.

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